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Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Just remember the acronym LOVE. Loyalty Oneness Valor Emphaty

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Our Mission

“To strongly respond to the holistic empowerment needs of the vulnerable sectors through socio-economic programs.”

Our Vision

“A diversely-differentiated cooperative sustaining a socially-vigorous community of environmentally – and gender-sensitive families.”

Our Core Values
Just remember the acronym LOVE.


Area 1
Lamac Main Office
Address: Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu

Email: lmo_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 0908-186-6897

Pinamungajan Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Pinamungajan, Cebu

Email: pbo_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 468-9257

Toledo Branch Office
Address: Sipaway, Luray II, Toledo City

Email: tbo_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 467-9339

Lutopan Branch Office
Address: Akasia, Poog, Toledo City

Email: lso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: (032) 325-2059

Balamban Branch Office
Address: Aliwanay, Balamban, Cebu

Email: bbo_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: (032) 465-2005

Area 2
Barili Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Barili, Cebu

Email: bso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: (032) 470-9343

Oslob Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Oslob, Cebu

Email: oso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 0963-794-9653

Moalboal Branch Office
Address: Poblacion East, Moalboal, Cebu

Email: lmpc_moalboalffice@yahoo.com

Contact: (032) 467-8119

Alegria Branch Office
Address: Sangi Madriderjos, Alegria, Cebu

Email: lmpc_alegria@yahoo.com

Contact: 0917-880-7719

Area 3
Carcar Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Carcar City, Cebu

Email: cso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: (032) 564-2139

Dalaguete Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Dalaguete, Cebu

Email: lmpcdalaguete@yahoo.com

Contact: (032) 484-8878

Argao Branch Office
Address: Tulic, Argao, Cebu

Email: lmpcargaobranchoffice_1@yahoo.com

Contact: 0977-802-5314

Naga Branch Office
Address: Cogon, Naga, Cebu

Email: lamacmpcnaga@yahoo.com

Contact: (032) 489-8067

Minglanilla Branch Office
Address: Pakigne, Minglanilla, Cebu

Email: mbo_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 490-3165

Area 4
Cebu City Branch Office
Address: Ibarra St. Parian, Cebu City

Email: ccso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: (032)414-9882

Cantipla Branch Office
Address: Cantipla II, Tabunan, Cebu City

Email: cantipla_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 0939-023-4936

Lapu-lapu Branch Office
Address: Humay-humay, Gun-ob, Lapu-lapu City

Email: lcso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 495-4228

Mandaue Branch Office
Address: P. Gomez St. Centro, Mandaue City

Email: madauebranch2018@gmail.com

Contact: 326-4437

Liloan Branch Office
Address: Yati, Liloan, Cebu

Email: mcbo_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 266-3619

Area 5
Tuburan Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Tuburan, Cebu

Email: tso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 463-9069

Bogo Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Bobo, City

Email: lamacmpc.bgso@yahoo.com.ph

Contact: (032) 434-7549

Carmen Branch Office
Address: Hiway, Cogon East., Carmen, Cebu

Email: lmpccarmen22418@yahoo.com

Contact: 429-9109

Daan Bantayan Branch Office
Address: Osmena St. Poblacion, Daan Bantayan, Cebu

Email: daanbantayanlmpc@gmail.com

Contact: 437-8439

Camotes Branch Office
Address: Talisay Northern Poblacion, San Francisco, Camotes Cebu

Email: lamacmpccamotes@gmail.com

Contact: 0917-106-8362

Bantayan Branch Office
Address: Bantayan, Cebu

Email: lmpc.b@yahoo.com

Contact: 460-9686

Area 6
Baybay Branch Office
Address: Zone 4 A. Bonifacio St., Baybay, Leyte

Email: lmpc.baybay@gmail.com

Contact: (053) 563-7590

Maasin Branch Office
Address: R Kangleon St., Tunga-tunga, Maasin, Southern Leyte

Email: lamacmaasin@yahoo.com

Contact: (053) 570-8405

Sogod Branch Office
Address: Bagares St. Zone V, Sogod Southern Leyte

Email: lmpc_sogod@yahoo.com

Contact: (053) 577-9179

Hilongos Branch Office
Address: R.V. Fulache St., Eastern Poblacion, Hilongos Leyte

Email: lmpc.hilongos@gmail.com

Contact: (053)567-7873

Palompon Branch Office
Address: Taft St., Central II, Palompon, Leyte

Email: lmpc.palompon2019@gmail.com

Contact: (053)555-0536

Ormoc Branch Office
Address: Dona Feliza Mejia, Ormoc, Leyte

Email: lmpcormoccitycom@gmail.com

Contact: (053)563-9458

Padre Burgos Branch Office
Address: Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte

Email: lmpc.padreburgos@gmail.com

Contact: 0917-149-3103

Area 7
Tagbilaran Branch Office
Address: Blk 1 Emerald Square Bldg., P. Del Rosario Poblacion Tagbilaran, Bohol

Email: tagbi_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: 0949-970-5477

Tubigon Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Tubigon, Bohol

Email: lmpc_tubigon@yahoo.com

Contact: (038) 508-8576

Ubay Branch Office
Address: G/F Circum Poblacion, Ubay, Bohol

Email: ubso_lamacmpc2016@yahoo.com.ph

Contact: (038)518-2519

Loon Branch Office
Address: Moto Norte, Loon, Bohol

Email: lamacloonbranch@gmail.com

Contact: (038)505-0013

Talibon Branch Office
Address: Talibon, Bohol

Email: talibon_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: (038)508-6097

Carmen Bohol Branch Office
Address: Carmen, Bohol

Email: lmpc.carmenbohol2019@gmail.com

Contact: 0917-149-1835

Area 8
San Carlos Branch Office
Address: F.C. Ledesma Ave. San Julio Subd. Brgy. II, San Carlos City

Email: sccso_lmpc@yahoo.com

Contact: (034)729-5054

Kabangkalan Branch Office
Address: Bonifacio St. Brgy. 2 , Kabankalan City

Email: lmpc_kbo@yahoo.com

Contact: (034)471-5040

Bacolod Branch Office
Address: Poblacion, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Email: lmpc_bcbo@yahoo.com

Contact: (034)431-2046

Cadiz Branch Office
Address: Cadiz, Negros

Email: lmpc_cadiz@yahoo.com

Contact: 034-431-2293